Life Sciences Storage Needs

While Big Data needs are increasing across almost every sector, this is especially true in life sciences IT. From large enterprises and pharmaceutical companies, to individual researchers, life sciences research requires storage solutions that are motivated by a number of significant challenges within the field:

To successfully address the needs of life sciences research, organizations need solutions that meet the following minimum requirements:

Nfina Technologies NAS solutions deliver the high-performance, high-value components necessary for building and scaling in life sciences IT. Our 714i20 and 814i4 storage servers are efficient, high-speed, and high-reliability solutions for big data applications, such as those required in life sciences research. Backed by our three-year limited warranty, our Nfina Technologies solutions allow for flexible, low-cost, cross-brand solutions. Whether you’re a large enterprise, research facility, healthcare organization, or university research program, Nfina Technologies has a NAS solution suitable for ensuring your information is accessible and secure.

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