Senior Software Engineer

Nfina seeks a Senior Software Engineer for responsible for server virtualization workbench test (VMWare WB & STAF), to develop hardware server and storage products and software monitoring products for Nfina. Responsible for installing and configuring different virtualization products on VMWare. Provide various resource optimization & failover support by configuring different virtualization features. Work with several network monitoring & benchmark tools (IOmeter, IOzone, SG3-util).

Develop script based on various programming language (Qt C++, Python, PostgreSQL, VB.NET, C#) and scripting language (Perl, Java script). Setup and maintain development environment and source code control for software development. Prepare, maintain, and update materials (with GitLab) in order to meet target timeline and KPI as well as to synchronize with other developers. Collect and analyze data from server platform & develop work strategy for server test platform. Troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis on different issues related to storage & server platforms.

Minimum requirement is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, related degree or foreign equivalent education and 5 years’ experience with TCP/IP & storage benchmark tools (IOmeter, IOzone, SG3-util), software design and architecture including both Linux and Windows GUI (Qt C++, Java, Python, PHP, .NET, SQL/PostgreSQL etc.), and GitLab version control application.

Applicants must be VTSP certified engineer or VTSP certified w/in 90 days of employment. Send CV to Warren Nicholson 820 S University Blvd., 4E, Mobile, AL  36609.

Nfina Technologies, Inc.
820 S. University Blvd.
Mobile, AL 36609

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Current Job listing: Senior Software Engineer