Published: August 01, 2016
Nfina Technologies announces newer, faster 814i22s SAN

MOBILE, Alabama, August 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Nfina Technologies,TM Inc. has updated 814i22s SAN, making it faster and more powerful than ever before. It is designed to be a high performance, mission critical primary storage device constructed to have no single point of failure. With twenty-four 2.5 inch drive bays, this SAN can be equipped with SATA drives, 15k SAS drives, or, for the very highest performance, SSD drives can be utilized. With dual sockets for Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 products, 12Gb/s SAS connectivity, high memory capacity, and I/O flexibility, Nfina's 814i22s fills the role of both workhorse and racehorse, easily meeting and exceeding the needs of enterprises with demanding workloads.

"Until now, an IT professional shopping for a 50-100 terabyte SAN could find themselves looking at a mid to high six figure expenditure" said Warren Nicholson, CEO of Nfina Technologies. "This meant that at best, the purchase strained the IT budget almost to the breaking point, and at worst it was an unaffordable solution for many IT professionals. Nfina has brought the price point of a 104 terabyte SAN into the mid-five figure range, while at the same time making it more robust and fault tolerant. At Nfina, we have built a product for primary, on-site storage that combines performance, reliability, and scalability, and we kept it affordable. Our servers and storage units provide a solution to the primary problem IT professionals face: providing for data storage and processing while staying within budget. In addition to that, we cover our equipment with a five-year warranty, two years longer than the current de facto industry standard. Most of our competitors focus on only performance and storage capacity, but completely fail at the affordability part of the equation".

The 814i22s starts at $39,154 and is available for immediate delivery.
For more information, visit the 814i22s product page:


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