Published: August 10, 2016
Nfina Technologies announces newer, faster 602 JBOD

MOBILE, Ala., August 10, 2016 -- Nfina Technologies,TM Inc. has updated the 602 JBOD Storage Expansion Unit to add 12Gb/s data transfer capability, increasing the performance of it's plug-and-play storage expansion product.

The 602 JBOD is designed to offer maximum storage capacity in a 2U rack-mount package, and now this formidable amount of data can be accessed even more quickly. With twelve 3.5" hot swap drive bays, Nfina's JBOD is an excellent solution for any business seeking an economical way to add large amounts of data storage space to existing storage solutions. The 602 JBOD is compatible with Nfina Servers, NAS, and SAN products as well as other vendor storage hardware.

"One of the most common challenges IT professionals face today is finding funds in their IT budget to purchase storage for the ever-growing amount of data their enterprise generates. In many cases it's not a choice: they are required by statute or regulation to maintain this data" said Warren Nicholson, CEO of Nfina Technologies. "The 602 JBOD is a great solution to this challenge - it offers high performance, high capacity storage expansion with plug-and-play ease of installation. And with 12 gigabit per second speed, stored data can be retrieved even more quickly. These new Nfina products are another step in our goal of helping IT professionals maximize efficiency while keeping their budgets intact. We have built a product line that combines performance, reliability, and scalability, and we make it affordable. And if that's not enough, we cover our equipment with a five-year standard warranty, two years longer than the current de facto industry standard".

Model 602 starts at $2639 and is available for immediate delivery.

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