Delivering low latency, high performance, and scalability, the Nfina Premium Scalable Servers offer a new level of platform convergence and capabilities including higher per core performance, 50 percent increased memory capacity and 48 lanes of PCIe® bandwidth and throughput. These future-ready servers provide a myriad of configuration options for any size workload from general-purpose compute and hybrid-cloud deployments, to mission-critical applications.


The 3204R-i20 server delivers superior performance per-core and enhanced memory and networking capabilities. This versatile server is the perfect fit for business IT, datacenter, and virtualized computing environments.

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The 5208R-i20, dual-socket server, is an ideal system for robust virtualized environments and high-performance computing applications. Configure this server with eight SSD or NVMe drives for reduced latency, higher IOPS, and faster CPU to data storage performance.

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Delivering network agility and flexibility, the Nfina 7212R-i20, 2U dual-socket server, is the perfect choice for hyperconverged networks or scale-out storage

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The 8224R-i20 is Nfina's 2U solution for hot and warm tier data and dense NVMe storage, alleviating the I/O bottleneck between high performance and capacity.

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4208T-i20 Premium Scalable Tower Server

The dual-socket 4208T-i20 tower server, featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, delivers superior performance per-core, enhanced memory capability, and SATA/SAS/NVMe flexibility. It is the ideal server for small to medium businesses, virtualized environments, and security applications.

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