Every business is susceptible to IT data mishaps, whether it be viruses, accidental overwrites, or a natural disaster. The only way to ensure your business mitigates it interruptions is to have a full proof backup and disaster recovery plan. Nfina offers a wide array of full backup and disaster recovery solutions from small installations to large all-flash arrays which include features like; active-active failover, on and off site data protection, and unlimited snapshots.

7212R-i20 Backup Server/DR

Featuring instant data recovery, which allows you to restore data from minutes or years ago, the Nfina 7212R-i20 Backup Server is the perfect hybrid storage solution for your comprehensive backup or disaster recovery strategy.

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8224R-i20 Backup Server/DR

Offering fast, efficient, and non-disruptive backup, the 8224R-i20 Backup Server is the ideal candidate for an all-flash storage array. Achieve flash speed performance and high-availability protection with this 24 drive backup and disaster recovery server.

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714i20 Backup Server/DR

The 714i20 Backup Server is built with reliability and redundancy at the forefront and features and easy to use GUI with Active-Active failover, unlimited snapshots, on and off-site data protection, and instant data recovery.

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814i20 Backup Server/DR

Seamlessly protecting data with constant back up, storing copies locally and remotely, the 814i20 Backup Sever delivers a full proof backup and disaster recovery plan for your business.

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418i2 Backup/DR Tower Server

No larger than a typical desktop computer, the 418i2 Backup Tower Server offers outstanding performance and unparalleled reliability in a small form factor. Featuring flexible storage provisioning and unlimited snapshots, this Backup Tower Server is the perfect choice for SMB backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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