Nfina's Network Attached Storage (NAS) products are designed to create the best value, performance, and reliability in the industry. Our NAS products offer complete redundancy for backup, disaster recovery, or business continuity solutions and are ideal as an All-Flash Array or for creating storage pools in a High-Availability (HA) cluster. Nfina's NAS devices use only Enterprise-class drives to maximize reliability.

7212R-i20 NAS

Delivering network agility, reliability, and scalability, the Nfina 7212R-i20 NAS is the perfect hybrid storage solution for backup, disaster recovery, or as part of a storage pool in a High-Availability cluster.

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8224R-i20 NAS

Offering complete redundancy for backup, disaster recovery, or business continuity solutions, the 8224R-i20 Scalable NAS is the ideal candidate for an all-flash storage array or for creating storage pools in a HA cluster.

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714i20 NAS

The 714i20 NAS is ideal for creating multi-tiered data pools in a HA cluster, business continuity solutions, and secondary storage applications like backup and disaster recovery. This NAS has 12Gb/s SAS connectivity and a caching option that provides near SSD performance but utilizes HDDs. The end result is heightened performance and extreme cost savings to our customers.

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814i20 NAS

The 814i20 NAS can be used in a wide range of storage applications. Its low latency and premium performance make this NAS ideally suited for an All-Flash Array, but it is equally suited as a high-performance backup device in an HA cluster or as secondary storage. Data centers and businesses that demand high density and high reliability choose our 814i20 NAS as their go-to storage solution.

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