Utilizing the latest Intel® Xeon® v4 processor family, Nfina’s Performance Servers include 12GB/s SAS connectivity, extended memory capability, and spread-core design, resulting in significant performance improvements over a wide range of applications. With up to 44% faster performance and 2.7 times the virtualization density, Nfina's Performance series servers can boost your organization's productivity significantly. Whether the application is a virtualized medium to large sized business environment with many users running computational intense applications, or a data center seeking to maximize efficiency, Nfina’s performance servers can be configured to meet and exceed the task. With up to 22 cores per processor, available LSI® hardware RAID, faster RAM, and massive storage capability, Nfina Performance Servers can be custom-tailored to meet the most demanding application.

528i2 Servers

Offering exceptional performance and extraordinary value in a 1U server platform, the Nfina 528i2 server is ideal for data center applications that require a premium computing platform. Nfina's Servers offer multiple options for CPU's, Network, RAID, storage, memory, and Operating Systems. These options make our servers extremely flexible and customizable to meet your requirements.

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724i20 Servers

Featuring efficient spread-core design, robust memory capability, and powerful computing capacity, Nfina Technologies’ 724i20 server is our most cost-effective, highest density server offering. With single or dual Intel® v4 processors, the Nfina 724i20 is capable of virtualization density of up to 2.7x compared to the previous generation. The 724i20 is an outstanding general-purpose platform for file server, cloud server, and virtualized computing applications in data centers and enterprise applications that demand high density and high reliability.

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