Nfina's twin 2U rack-mount Storage Area Networks (SAN) provide fully redundant primary storage systems for mission-critical high-availability applications. Our SANs provide Active-Active Failover and can be configured for NFS or iSCSI SAN 10GbE connectivity.

Many storage area network vendors make promises they can’t keep when it comes to performance or reliability. We take pride in the fact that our storage area networks function as high performing and cost effective primary storage solutions capable of accommodating a variety of expansion units and meeting all of our customers’ needs. For industry leading SAN storage, contact Nfina today.

714i22s SAN

Nfina’s 714i22s Storage Area Network (SAN) is our most cost-effective, highest density offering for primary storage. An easy-to-use GUI provisions up to 192TB (96TB useable) of SATA storage onboard which can be easily extended to 2PB (1PB useable) by adding Nfina 602 JBOD storage expansion units. The 714i22s SAN offers 12Gb/s SAS connectivity for enhanced speed and performance.

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814i22s SAN

The Nfina Technologies 814i22s is our highest performance primary storage solution. An easy to use GUI provisions up to 208TB (104TB usable) onboard and can easily be extended to 1PB (500TB usable) by adding 602 JBOD storage expansion units. The 814i22s configured with SSD drives delivers blazing speed and high reliability at a value unmatched in the industry. It is well suited for on-premise and cloud applications that demand the highest speeds possible when retrieving data from storage.

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