Utilizing the latest Intel® Xeon® v3/v4 processors, Nfina's Servers are designed to be extremely flexible and customizable to meet the most demanding business and enterprise requirements These Nfina products have been used in a variety of ways by enterprises that need high performance: as cloud servers, email servers, and general application servers. They are eminently configurable to exceed your expectations of what computer servers can do.

Our custom servers are available in a 1U rack mount or desktop pedestal form factor. Additionally, we offer some of the most energy-efficient servers in the industry. They have been optimized to function at the lowest possible cost to the business that needs a reliable storage server solution that can handle a full range of computing and network requirements. Get more information about our servers by visiting our Rackmount Server or Desktop Server pages.

300 Series Value Servers

The Nfina Technologies 300 Series rack server is designed to deliver the best combination of performance, reliability, and value in the industry. This energy efficient custom server is an excellent choice for any business looking for high performance at a low cost. Our rack-mount 1U servers raise the bar for price and performance standards. With multiple options for CPU's, Network, RAID, storage, memory, and Operating Systems, Nfina storage servers are a perfect choice for energy efficient virtualized computing applications.

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500 Series Performance Servers

Offering exceptional performance and extraordinary value in a 1U server platform, Nfina 500 series servers are ideal for data center applications that require a premium computing platform. Nfina's Servers offer multiple options for CPU's, Network, RAID, storage, memory, and Operating Systems. These options make our servers extremely flexible and customizable to meet your requirements.

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