Our desktop / tower servers are designed for high performance use in a wide range of server applications. No larger than a typical desktop computer, our tower servers offer outstanding performance in a compact pedestal server form factor. Additionally, our designs and components are manufactured to the highest quality standards but are still offered at a lower price than competing server manufacturers. If your business requires highly reliable server hardware, consider contacting us to get more information about our desktop / tower server products and their 5-year warranty. For more information about our desktop servers and to begin configuration, contact an Nfina sales representative at: 251-243-0043.

418i2 Desktop Tower Server

Nfina Technologies 418i2 Desktop / Tower server is designed to deliver the best combination of performance, reliability, and value possible in a small package. These compact tower servers are an excellent choice for any business looking for high performance at a low cost. Our compact servers raise the bar for affordable price and performance standards. With multiple options for RAID, storage, memory, and operating systems, the Nfina 418i2 desktop / tower server is a perfect choice for small footprint computing applications.

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428i2 Dual-Socket Desktop Tower Server

The 428i2 is designed to provide the power of a high performance, rack mount server in a compact desktop/tower package. The 428i2 dual-socket server with Intel® Xeon® v4 processors and 12Gb/s SAS connectivity is the perfect selection for high performance virtualized computing applications or as a private or public cloud server. It offers excellent performance and extraordinary value in a remarkably small footprint.

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4208T-i20 Premium Scalable Tower Server

The dual-socket 4208T-i20 tower server, featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, delivers superior performance per-core, enhanced memory capability, and SATA/SAS/NVMe flexibility. It is the ideal server for small to medium businesses, virtualized environments, and security applications.

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