For industrial automation applications requiring fault tolerant IT solutions, Nfina has created the RT Series Industrial Real-Time Hypervisors. Each RT Series Hypervisor is comprised of two servers with applications running in a real-time state on both servers. One server is active and the other is on standby. Data in storage and memory is seamlessly replicated and synchronized across both servers using Stratus® everRun® Enterprise software. In the event of a failure, the standby server takes over in less than a millisecond. This effectively eliminates downtime, lost data, and lost revenue that accompanies downtime. The Nfina RT Series Hypervisors are available in 1U and 2U form factor with up to 96TB of redundant storage.

RT3000 Industrial Hypervisor

The Nfina RT3000 Industrial Hypervisor is a continuous availability IT solution. It is comprised of two energy-efficient 1U rack-mount severs with up to 32TB of usable storage. The two servers run in a real-time state for complete network redundancy and downtime prevention. The RT3000 is ideal for smaller industrial automation systems.

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RT7000 Industrial Hypervisor

The Nfina RT7000 Industrial Hypervisor is a fault tolerant IT solution offering two 2U rack-mount severs with the latest Intel® Xeon® V4 processors and up to 96TB of usable storage. With one server in an active state and another in backup mode, the RT7000 provides complete network redundancy and downtime prevention. It is well suited for larger industrial automation systems.

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