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All Nfina Technologies products carry a 5 year limited warranty. Phone and email support is also available Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm CST. Optional 4 hour and 24 hour on-site response options are also available directly from Nfina Technologies's network of authorized technicians.

In addition to our 5 year limited warranty Nfina Technologies Tech Support is available 5 days a week / 10 hours a day (5x10). 24-hour support, and 4-hour on-site response options are also available.


Standard Support (Nfina-S)

Standard support package: 5 year limited warranty, Tech support with remote diagnostics 5x10 (Included in server price)


Gold Support (Nfina-G)

Next business day (NBD) response support package: 5 year limited warranty, Tech support 5x10, NBD on-site response, Advanced hardware replacement*.


Platinum Support (Nfina-P)

Urgent response support package: 5 year limited warranty, Tech support 24 x 7 with guaranteed 4 hour response, 4 hour on-site response, Advanced hardware replacement* .

* Nfina Technologies customer service department must be contacted for a RMA number before proceeding with an advanced replacement, repair, or return. No items will be accepted without a RMA number. Advanced replacement available on select components.

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